-Liposuction in New Jersey

Removes excess fat through small suction tubes, improving the contour of the areas treated and creating a more flattering physique. Patients are usually close to ideal weight, but are stricken with exercise resistant fat. Heavier patients can be treated as well, due to technological advancements in liposuction methods. Treatment can target such areas as the abdomen and waste, hips, thighs, inner knees, calves, ankles, upper arms, and neck.

Length of procedure:
1-2 hours or more

Usually local anesthetic. The final method of choice can depend on the patient’s preference for comfort and the safety recommendations of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.


Cost: $2,000-$12,000. Cost depends greatly on size of area treated and amount of fat removed.

Potential risks include rippling of skin, asymmetry, and infection.

Back to work: at least a week, can depend on age, health condition, and extent of surgery
Strenuous activity: usually at least 2-4 weeks
Final appearance: shape develops over several months, swelling and bruising may take up to 6 months to fully subside

Duration of results:
Permanent, dependant on continued nutrition and exercise routine

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