-Tummy Tuck in New Jersey

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, smoothes and flattens loose, exercise-resistant abdominal wall skin. Patients might develop this problem area because of genetics, weight gain, or a previous pregnancy. A tummy tuck can be complimented by other plastic surgery procedure such as liposuction or a thigh lift.

Length of procedure:
About 2-5 hours

Usually general anesthesia. The final method of choice can depend on the patient’s preference for comfort and the safety recommendations of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.


Cost: $4,400-$7,700

Potential risks include blood clots, infection or scarring.

Exact determination needs to be made based on post-operative progress
Back to work: usually at least 2-4 weeks
Strenuous activity: usually about 6 weeks
Final appearance: scars usually take 3 months to several years to heal

Duration of results:
Usually permanent

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